Stop Female Death in Advertising

Stop Female Death in Advertising is a raise awareness campaign that aims to illustrate and protest against the passivation of the female role in commercial contexts. 


Degree piece at
Beckmans College of Design.

The campaign includes a website that works as a visual protest list. Visitors can see all the images together, read about the project but also contribute to the protest list by adding images themselves and, of cause, share with friends. Beyond the website packages were sent out to 50 great communicators at different agencies around Stockholm. Each package included a letter, a t-shirt and a badge asking them to be ambassadors for the project. The mission was to raise awareness and further spread the message with-in the industry. There are far more original, interesting and exciting ways to portray women.


Stop Female Death in Advertising is an award-winning project that was well received in both the media and the industry. The website was visited by thousands of people all around the world.