LO-valsen – 3Om Road Painting

The purpose with this project was to raise awareness and increase usage of a bicycle path that runs between Söderala and a central meeting place called E-Center. By making the bike ride a safe and inspiring experience, the goal was to encourage more people to use a bike as their prime mode of transport.

After a field study, interviews with local residents and behavioral mapping, we came to a solid conclusion. The main obstacle to cycling between Söderala and E-Center was that in some places the locals felt very unsafe cycling, especially across one busy intersection in particular. We also gained insight that it would contribute to increased cycling if the experience became a little more fun!

We invited the artist Björk Hijoort to create a 30 x 2.5m road painting over the unsafe passage and thereby create a safer transition. The purpose of the painting was to get both motorists and cyclists to react and slow down. 

The artwork, called LO-Valsen, has strong connections to Hälsingland and consists of two lynx (landscape animals) surrounded by flax flowers (landscape flower) and patterns inspired by Hälsingegårdarna.

By working with an artist, we wanted to create added value to the bike ride where the cyclist can take part in an inspiring and beautiful experience. Thus, the goal was also to get more of the residents to cycle on the bike path.

The artwork was supplemented with signposts, to make it easier to follow the bike path, where the background pattern is also created by Björk Hijoort. Even in this case, the goal


Created at Beteendelabbet