Grounded x Femme Part One is the first part of a collaboration between Grounded Factory and Femme de la Femme with focus on female entrepreneurs.


We want to change the norm of women not supporting each other - because together we can make history.

We presented six entrepreneurs who work in different kinds of areas, but have in common that they all have started a business of their own and aim to make the world a little better. We believe that it is extremely important with diversity and representation to make the world more equal for contemporary and future generations.

  1. Joanna Swica & Louise Johannesson - Friendcation
  2. Johanna Lundqvist - Photographer
  3. Kajsa Lindström & Linda Lindström - Beteendelabbet
  4. Eleonora Cantera - Gotain
  5. Maria Danielsson - Deelicious
  6. Sofie Kraft & Catja Divjak - Yoga instructors

Photogapher: Victoria Stillwell

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